Pakuranga Heights School Remediation ...

27th March 2015

Work is underway on a large remediation project over two floors at Pakuranga Heights School.


Situated in Udys road, Pakuranga Heights School is a mid-sized primary school with a role of around 450 pupils. After discovering major leaky building problems within the walls and windows of a building block which was put up in the 1990's, the school contacted the Ministry of Education. 

Focus Remediation was then been brought in to work in conjunction with architecrual firm Alexander architects, with the two firms having successfully worked together on similar projects in the past.

"We spend a lot of time inducting staff and ensuring they understand our H&S processes."

Project Manager Roy Franklin says the challenges of working on an educational facility go beyond fixing the buildings themselves. "When you work on a school which remains open and occupied, it's vital that good relations are maintained between the workers and school staff. Also, Health and Safety around the work site is paramount so we spend a lot of time inducting staff and ensuring they understand our H&S processes".

The project is programmed to be completed within 6 months and will provide Pakuranga Heights School staff and pupils with a healthier, safer environment for learning.


Focus Remediation, a division of Focus Construction Group are the remediation experts


The Health and Safety noticeboard is updated regularly as part of a wider H&S programme


The construction of large eaves and the application of timber preservative are two of the remedial methods employed


The addition of concrete nibs along outside walls prevent mulch and moisture getting in from an adjoining gardenbeds


Upgraded box gutters with high quality bronze outlets and welded stainless steel overflows



The sturdy scaffolding and membrane had to be strong enough to survive the winds of cyclone Pam


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