Netfloor ECO Series Raised Floor Systems

Netfloor ECO Series Raised Flooring is a power and data cable management floor system which is widely used internationally within both the public and private sectors. The system ensures a building’s data cabling is neatly and safely housed – making data cables virtually invisible. Focus Construction Group are the expert providers of Netfloor raised flooring systems in New Zealand.

Timelapse video shows how fast Netfloor can be installed



Simple system makes cables invisible

The success of the product has much to do with its simplicity – the system uses a series of cleverly designed interlocking components to create fully accesible cable trenches. To cable into the Netfloor system, just lift the steel cover plates to reveal your cable raceway. Once cables are in place, users simply replace the cover plates and cover with carpet tiles. Altering cables at any time in the future is a quick and cheap process with no specialist tools or equipment required.



Cost Effective

Netfloor ECO Series Raised Flooring requires only half of the installation time compared with conventional raised floors, with one installer completing 70-90 square meters per day. At around two thirds the material cost and half the labour cost of traditional raised access floors, Netfloor makes a raised flooring solution more affordable than ever before. The Netfloor Eco series components are lightweight yet incredibly strong, meaning you can expect years of use with no maintenance costs required.



Flexible Installation

Netfloor ECO Series Raised Flooring can be fitted into any type of construction with smooth flooring (undulations can be managed so long as they’re gradual). The floors can be walked on immediately after installation, meaning that work continues to timeline without any hold ups. Project managers can decide on where to fit the floor boxes simply by walking along the laid floor and putting an ‘X’ where they’d like the floor box fitting, taking pressure off designers who may have drawings large in scale.



Another time-saving benefit of the product is that the skirtings and door casings can be fitted and painted even before reaching the site. Because the Netfloor Eco Series system is exactly 60mm high, skirtings can be fixed circa 64mm above sub-floor level even painted. The system them fits neatly underneath and once the carpet tiles are fitted any small gaps are automatically hidden.



Environmentally Friendly

Netfloor ECO Series Raised Flooring is environmentally friendly, with the main panels being made from recycled material and also 100% recyclable. The system has been awarded the ECO Mark in Japan – an independently assessed standard for environmentally friendly products.


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